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    Import application but change the name?


      I have a requirement to maintain different "versions" of my LiveCycle applications on a single server.  I'm using "versions" in quotes because these will not be sequential numbered versions, but rather separate versions for our developement, evaluation, and production environments.  I am limited to two LiveCycle servers, so one needs to host versions for theoretical dev, eval, prod environments, and the other will host versions for actual eval and prod environments (separation based on security limitations).


      I'm trying to accomplish this by creating separate applications with a suffix for each environment (e.g. ApplicationName-Dev, ApplicationName-Eval, ApplicationName-Prod).  When changes are ready to be pushed out from the Dev version, I'd simply create an archive and overwrite the Eval version, etc.  The problem is that I need to be able to archive ApplicationName-Dev and import it as ApplicationName-Eval, and I can't find a way to do that.


      Any tips on how to make this work?


      Thanks in advance!