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    Keyframe Animation Controllers Not Moving Animation




      I am running in to a problem where I have a character who needs to blink.  His eyelids are in a pre comp for his head while he is in a master character comp who is then put in to a scene composition.  All of his controllers are in the character comp.  What I am trying to do it keyframe his eyelids - that are parented to a point controller in a null object, up and down but when I begin the keyframes the animation no longer shows up.  I can see the point controller moving but the eyelids do not.


      Here are some screenshots of what I am running in to.:

      This is the scene composition where the character is placed:

      Master Scene Comp.png


      This is the master character composition where all of the controllers are:

      Character Comp.png


      This is the head pre comp where the eyelids are parented to the Point controllers in the character composition. 


      Head Comp.png


      This is happening to several of my rigs and it is not just with the eyes either.  It is hand gestures, moth shapes, and all of that.  Some are position parameters parented to point controllers and some others-like hand and mouth shapes - are time remapped to slider controls inside the master character composition.


      I would like to attach the project file as well but I am not sure how to do that, unfortunately.


      Thank you all for the help,