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    Needed Features for these Apps for Ink/Slide Users


      I understand that Adobe will be putting out an API that hopefully lets other apps into the Ink and Slide game, but as of now these are the only two programs that fully support this hardware. Also, I think Adobe makes great creative software. Both of these items mean I'm fairly invested in getting these up to be good creative tools. I also understand Adobe's stated goals of avoiding bloat and making the tools feel natural with a stylus. I like this approach. However, given the price of the hardware, and their connection to Creative Cloud, it's pretty clear these apps are aimed at a professional creative market and need a FEW key features to be viable for that use and not just a fun doodle pad. And most reviews have cited the software as the weak link in the Ink and Slide chain. Thus, I think there are key things that must be included that aren't.


      (1) More control over the brushes. I understand the goal is to make speed and pressure be the determining factors. But in using the programs, the brushes don't respond to a degree that makes this a viable substitute for choosing the diameter or opacity in any other way. If you don't want to make settings available, at least add more brushes, such as brushes that can act as washes etc. and/or add sensitivity to turning etc.


      For example, the marker is the marker's width, which is quite fat for a relatively small screen. Real markers have the flat edge and the chisel, which we can rotate to change line thickness dynamically to both fill big areas and narrow to get/fill smaller areas with color. You would either need to introduce the ability for rotating the ink to have a similar effect (which might not be supportable in Ink's hardware I understand), or break down and add controls. Same with the eraser etc. Ideally, both options so that people without the hardware can function.


      (2) The ability to at least make basic layers would be great. For example, I often do blueline "under sketches" before drawing it, and the ability to at least put that on an under layer I can at some point delete would be nice. Likewise, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like the ability to paint without covering their lines. They don't have to be elaborate with complex blend modes (although maybe a few basics would be nice).

      (3) Basic ability to control opacity on layers and brushes. See (1) and (2)

      (4) Ability to set canvas size or resolution. These options again don't have to be elaborate, but some rudimentary control over basic aspects of the canvas is good.

      (5) The interface covers up most of the screen, imposes greatly on the drawing area, and since it can't be all palm reject, hiding it is the only option -- with that hide button being an extra step rather than having a small, relocatable corner widget with basic options like brush and color etc. on a wheel that touching can expand or similar UI.

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          george kaplin Level 1

          I fully agree with your suggestions. Ive tried out dozens on drawing apps and really only use 53's Paper. What I love about SKETCH is its the only OTHER program out there that's simplicity makes it feel natural. But after using PAPER for so long, the above suggestions allow Sketch and Line to surpass PAPER in functionality. And still hold true to the simplicity.


          For now, I'm inclined to stick with 53 Paper. (Especially after the LINE upgrade to 1.0.1 deleted all my work!) But I look forward to seeing elegant implementation of these functional upgrades!

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            I'm in total agreement.


            I've mostly stopped using Sketch, and prefer using Line since it allows you to customize brushes. I don't understand how Adobe could feel Sketch necessary When Line most of the same things and more.