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    Had a question about movie clip objects

    xyco45 Level 1
      Now I know you can create movie clip objects and all that good stuff but how exactly implement frames? There seems to be all these functions you can use like goToAndPlay(), nextFrame(), you can set labels, you can check how many frames there etc. But how excatly do you go about creating these frames so you can implement these functions (through code). I looked all through out the SDK and there doesn't seem to be any top of of like function for that such.

      Example of what i mean:

      Okay lets say you create a movie clip object
      private var testObject:MovieClip = new MovieClip();
      okay I have the object created how would go about creating a timeline and moving to different frames?
      maybe idunno testObject.createTimeLine() or maybe testObject.createFrame(); idunno, these functions are not real.. but you get my point, I suppose I could probably create my own class that does all that sort, but thats to much work. how would I go about doing this sort?