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    Loaded text shows up as "undefined"

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      I am attempting to load external text into my flash website for the first time!
      The website is www.alexbimpson.co.uk/test
      click on "web". itll go through some animations and is then supposed to display text loaded from an external file, but all it shows up as is "undefined"
      the action script i am using is set on a timeline frame, so it loads as the movie passes that frame
      the script is as follows:

      loadText = new LoadVars();
      loadText.onLoad = function(success) {
      if (success) {
      // trace(success);
      textbox.text = true;
      textbox.htmlText = this.webintro;

      whereby flash/web/text.txt is the correct location path for the text file, textbox is obviously the name of the dynamic text box, and webintro is the beginning of my text file, as in "webintro=text to be displayed"

      is anyone able to tell me why this isn't working? I got the code from a website, and figure i must be close to at least be getting the "undefined" part.

      thanks very much