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    Photoshop CC is crashing Windows 8.1

    chicoma12345906867 Level 1

      Starting a couple of weeks ago when I run PS CC. After a couple of minutes the screens all go blank the sound goes off and I have to power cycle to get it to come back up. I've run all diagnotics and the computer appears healthy. There are no entries in any of the event logs during that time frame. I have updated all device drivers and uninstalled and re-install Photoshop to no avail.


      If I don't run PS CC the computer runs for days on end. I am able to edit photos in PS CS5 with no problem.

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          An application can't really directly crash the OS, it pretty much has to involve a driver for that to happen.  For what it's worth I run Photoshop on Windows 8.1 and haven't had any system instability whatsoever.

          Regarding being able to use Photoshop CS5 successfully...  It's a given that Photoshop CC doesn't use the GPU in all the same ways as its predecessors.  It will most certainly be using more advanced features.


          You say you've updated all your device drivers...  Could you provide a little more info?  Specifically what video card do you have  What display driver version?  From where did you get it (Microsoft's site = bad, manufacturer's site = good)?


          A lot of pertinent information can be retrieved from the Help - System Info panel in Photoshop.  If you copy that data and post it here in the forum, perhaps someone will spot something specific and provide more direct advice as to what you might try to make your system work reliably.


          Oh, and I almost forgot...  There may be alternate settings (e.g., in Edit - Preferences - Performance - Advanced Settings) that could avoid the use of GPU calls that could be unstable on your system.  You will need to close and restart Photoshop after making any changes there and before testing.  Given the failures you're seeing, it might even be a good idea to do a full reboot after making a change (e.g., to Basic drawing mode), just to make sure any latent problems from a prior Photoshop run aren't kept around.


          Best of luck.



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            Level 7

            From that description, I'd guess a hardware error - most likely bad RAM, possibly a bad video card or power supply.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              True...  Or possibly an overheat situation.



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                chicoma12345906867 Level 1

                I thought the same thing but have run extensive diagnostics and can come up with no errors. I even went so far as to re-seat all the memory and cards. If I could just get it to fail on another app I would have some ammunition for HP.