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    Google Play ebook issues on ADE 2.0


      A pdf e-book downloaded from Google Play does not display the table of contents, and the full-text search function does not work, when viewed on Adobe Digital Editions version 2.067275. However, when the original pdf I submitted to Google Play (I am a publisher) is viewed on ADE, the table of contents does display and the search function works. This suggests that something in Google Play's processing of the pdf disabled the search function and stripped the bookmarks, which are the basis of the table of contents. These problems do not occur in Google Play's preview copy of the ebook which is available to all.

      The Google Book Team has been unable to resolve or explain the issue, and has suggested the fault may lie with ADE, perhaps with the settings. I am sceptical about this, but would appreciate advice from others who may have experienced these defects.

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          michaelm58012143 Level 1

          Yep, similar problems here.  The nine PDFs I downloaded from Google Play to ADE the past month have the following issues (note this is with ADE v4.0.3.114137):


          1. Smaller PDF file sizes than what other non-Google sites list them (overdrive.com, ebookmall.com, etc.).
          2. Lack of a table of contents within ADE for the PDF file, although it it just fine within the Google Play viewer within the browser.
          3. Inability to highlight text within ADE.  This is pretty much the consequence of converting all text to images in the PDF files.
          4. Having color images on the edge of pages (for images that cross page boundaries) to be converted to black and white, effectively obliterating the image portion.


          I reported this problem to Google Play over three weeks ago, but they claim they are still working the problem (sound familiar?!).  My guess is they are applying their PDF converter to all publisher supplied PDF books, regardless of whether these are retail copies or not.  I have zero faith that they will correct this issue as it would be widespread to their entire inventory of PDF files.  This is not an ADE problem, unfortunately.


          For the record, I re-purchased one of the PDF books from another source (omnilit,com), and the PDF files was exactly what I would have expected within ADE.  I have also purchased six other PDF books from three non-Google sites in the past two weeks, and none of the PDF files exhibit any of the above issues.


          Good luck in your efforts to get Google Play to correct these issues.