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    Failed to Publish: Native Error: Server name or address could not be resolved

      I'm trying to publish my RoboHelp HTML project to our server (dentiis01). I get the following error:
      "Warning: Failed to publish to "dentiis01". reason: Connection failed. Please check the connection and post again.
      Native Error:The server name or address could not be resolved."

      (Note: The person who originally published the project has left the company, so I'm not sure what options he specified).

      I have tried substituting the IP address for the server. I have also tried specifying with and without the port number (8000 in our case). I can successfully ping the server using either the host name or IP address. I can view the current RoboHelp content via a browser. So, it appears the engine is running properly.

      Please let me know if you have any suggestions.