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    Indesign and Ripping ?

    cbishop01 Level 2

      I'm fairly sure you cannot do this but i was wondering if you could use indesign to rip files for plates?  Right now we are using Indesign saving the PDF then going to Preps (From kodak) making our template and then double checking the templates in FirstProof.  I'm trying to eliminate at least one of these steps to speed up the work flow.  If indesign cannot do this Is there a better way/Program other than PReps (which is no longer being supported by kodak) and First proof?  thanks for all your info.  This is also being used for Offset Printing Presses.  if that helps you guys. 


      Thanks in advance.



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          rajsre Adobe Employee

          InDesign has no in-built imposition utility for offset printing. It only has a a "print booklet" facility which is only for facing pages (spreads) printing in booklet form. Imposition of 8/16/32 forms are not supported. If you don't need imposition what is the problem when you print direct to plates from InDesign? Please give details.

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            Migintosh Level 4

            There are workflows that are designed by the companies who make the hardware or software that are used to RIP files. You might want to check with the manufacturer of your platesetter or RIP software to see if they offer a workflow. We use a system from Esko where I work that includes in-RIP trapping and imaging, but we do the imposition manually (although we do newspaper inserts on web presses, so our imposition isn't as involved as you would get in book publishing).