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    new Date()

      selectableRange="{{rangeStart : new Date(2000,0,1),rangeEnd : new Date()}}"
      height="160" width="100%" id="dateChoose" showToday="false"/>

      Can someone tell me why this is throwing the error that method Date is possibly undefined? What class might I have to import to get this to fly? I have the exact same selectableRange on a DateField on another page and it works just fine and I never defined Date anywhere but directly in the Field object. From all the documentation I see I can define the date in directly in the object. What the smuck am I missing?

      One confused programmer wanna be!
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          peterent Level 2
          I don't see anything wrong with what you have. I copied your example into an MXML file and it compiled without error. There is something else wrong with the file that is influencing this.
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            jgsstrappy Level 1
            I agree Jim. I have copied and pasted it into multiple docs and it works fine. I have used the clean project option as well with no help. I have copy and pasted the piece in and out of it with no results. Even if I try and define a variable as new Date it wont fly. I am outta options. Do you have any thoughts?

            Thanks for your response.