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    Is Adobe working on a fix for Ext. Mgr?

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      Most of the questions in this forum appear to be the result of a non-functioning Extension Manager.  Assuming that by now we all know that the add-ons must be compatible with CC 2014, and assuming that we have updated the programs we use, we are all still finding problems trying to use add-ons.  None of these questions has been answered, except to explain that some add-ons no longer work.  That doesn't explain why add-ons listed as compatible with 2014 don't work, or why add-ons that show up in Ext Mgr in the list for a 2014 app do not show up in the app itself--i.e., don't work. I believe that if one can install and enable even one app for 2014 that works (e.g., new Kuler app), then the extensions window link won't be grayed out any longer.  BUT, the rest of the problems remain. 

      This is very disruptive of many people's work flow.  Is there any available answer?  Is there a fix in the works?  What are we to do please?  I would appreciate any response at all from Adobe.


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          I agree with the above. Adobe applications are typically expensive and powerful tools but they lose their lustre when plugins/addon's do not function or require a PHD to install. I recently purchased a Plugin for Lightroom4.4 and have all but given up trying to install it. Seem to be a variety of ways to perform this but I've yet to solve it. So far my $$ have left my wallet but the product has not been delivered.