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    Flash Player 14 installer fails on MacOS X Lion

    daniel Azuelos Level 1

      Context :

      MacOS X 10.7.5

      file-system thoroughly checked recently: OK

      I read all the FAQ about similar problems, and didn't find any correct explanation.

      I don't consider "Try this, try that, try once more." correct explanation.


      On an attempt to upgrade from the
           System Preferences > Flash Player ,

      1. the download ran correctly,
      2. the disk image opened correctly,
      3. the installer started correctly,
      4. but this installer just stayed there and apparently,
        didn't do anything and didn't display any warning or error.


      After a few minutes sitting and watching at this total software death,

      the only visible way was to exit the installer.


      Unfortunately, there is nothing installed.


      How may I let this installer run in a more intelligent and communicating mode?