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    Unwanted Glow-Effect in PDF?


      Hi, here’s a real issue for the experts:


      A customer of mine needs to save images as photoshop-pdf format to fit in his workflow, and there is no alternative to that.


      If an image has transparent areas and is placed in InDesign and than exported again as a pdf, you can find at the transition between pixels and transparency a „glow“ effect (as if someone had used the Layer Style „Outer Glow“). It is shown in Acrobat and also printed.


      What does NOT affect this issue:

      • any changes of settings when you save the image as a pdf, even the „Preserve Photoshop Editing Capabilities“ setting;
      • any changes of settings when you export the pdf out of InDesign no matter if the transparency is flattened or not;
      • the versions of Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat (CS5, CS6 or CC, no matter);
      • the platform (PC or Mac) and the OS-version.


      What DOES affect this issue:

      • the total amount of pixels! There is a definite threshold value: 5,244,000 pixels. Yes, it’s that strange: if you are above this number of pixels, the result is the glow effect. If your below this number of pixels, the glow effect ist gone.


      Any ideas for a solution?

      Thanks for all who deal with this issue!