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    getURL malfunction

      Dear Friends:
      I using Flash 8 and Action Script 2, and the instructions:
      linkMC.onRelease = function() {
      to open class.asp, into a “menu.htm” page, this page has a frame called “main”, in each attempt the code open a new window, How can I open class.asp, in the “main” frame?

      Thanks in advance
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          itsmenorman Level 1
          hi debarreraf

          I had a same problem like yours that's why If you don't mind can you pls share it to me the solution to our problem if you already solved it. Because I nid the solution badly,

          many tnx,
          norman - RP(mla)
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            Same problem here,. I try to open a html page into a frame using a Flash menu.

            Used a couple of different codes:
            btnButtonKetting.onRelease = function():Void {
            getURL('kettingen2.html', _target = 'mainFrame.html');
            mcKettingInhoud.onRelease = function():Void {
            getURL("kettingen.html", 'mainFrame');
            I furthermore replace the ' by " in the string reference ("kettingen.html", 'mainFrame'), with and without _target = , with and without .html in the ID of the target window... since this was all adressed as being a solution on different forums.

            Whatever I trie, the page always opens in a new window, instead of in 'mainFrame'
            If I let the mainFrame part out, it open (ofcourse) in the upperframe, where the flash media is located. So it can be loaded into a frame, but not the one you specify...
            OR... I'm I doing something wrong??

            Any help will be appreciated!
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              Damon Edwards Level 3
              _target is used to open in a new window, i.e., _target="blank". however, in flash, you dont add '_target' to the getURL function. getURL("blahblah.html", "blank")... getURL is only permitted to have (url,window,method); i'm not sure if you can target a websites frame from flash... this is probably a question best answered in the Dreamweaver forum.
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                your code below is correct if you have an html-frame with name="mainFrame":