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    Save as PDF stopped working since updating

    RzzB Level 1

      I am using Photoshop/Lightroom Photography CC, Office 2010 on Windows 7 Home (64bit).


      Since updating to the latest version of Photoshop in the last week or so, saving as a PDF file seems to have stopped working in Word & Excel.

      Could there be a link?

      I'm pretty sure I haven't made any other changes, or Windows updates.


      The response from Excel is "Document not saved" and from Word it's "The export failed due to an unexpected error." No other indication of what the problem might be and nothing in the Event Logs.

      I have tried repairing Office but that hasn't helped.


      Why do these niggles always bite you just when things are at their most stressful!! :-)




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          RzzB Level 1

          OK - I did a Restore to a point the day before the Photoshop  updates were released. The Restore point told me that only Photoshop and Lightroom would be affected. After the Restore Lightroom was indeed at the earlier version but strangely, Photoshop wasn't.


          However - the "Save to PDF" in Word & Excel were now working.


          I Uninstalled Photoshop, and then reinstalled it and the latest version of Lightroom.


          "Save to PDF" continued to work.


          There are no Windows updates needed - that's all up to date.


          So I have no idea what was causing the problem but at least it's now working and I can get on with things! Something corrupted I guess. But at least it doesn't look like the Photoshop/Lightroom upgrade was anything to do with it!