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    Html tables with javascript pop up windows


      I have two tables with different table-id in html, that are as follows -

      1. table-header - consists of dynamic week wise days + resources
      2. table-data in with same nnumbers of columns...

                            for Img - http://i.stack.imgur.com/Gwvoq.png


      The Assign Task is a Button in every cell of table-data , What I need is , whent I click any button, the Pop-up window ( Kendowindow which is I m using right now in Javascript preferably) should display respective Cell row's 1st cell i.e resource's name and Id and cell column's 1st cell i.e. Date string.

      Please suggest the solutions.... Help is kindly appreciated.

      P.S. -- Please don't suggest Kendo Grid or Scheduler, because I can't able produce this kind of format, If you can do pls share your code and procedure.