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    Embeding via into InDesign


      No matter what file type I try, and what extension I offer, I get an error when trying to add a video via URL. File(s) are Flash compliant and with correct extension )*.F4V)

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've moved your question to the InDesign forum.


          The setup for placing Flash files from a URL into InDesign is not well documented. All I can offer is what I wrote in an article in InDesign Magazine three years ago:


          "To set up your document for streaming

          video, start by creating an empty frame or

          select a video you want to replace. Choose

          Video from URL from the Media panel menu.

          Specify the URL and click OK.


          "Note that the URL must point to a file that

          ends in the appropriate file extension; for

          example, http://www.fakeURL.com/videos/

          Intro_Video.f4v for a file on a web server. Use

          rtmp:// in the URL for a video on the Flash

          Media Server or Flash Streaming Service."

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            auscamonline Level 1

            Thanks! I have done exactly that. If the file is local, it plays fine, but if I select a URL for a file that I know is F4V and http based, I get the basic ‘go away you are not Flash compatible nor do you have the correct extension’ message.


            There must be a trick I am missing somewhere? ?? That same file when added locally, runs fine…





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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              When I wrote the article, I could find no documentation anywhere about exactly how to set it up, I'm afraid. Maybe someone more familiar with server setup can help. I have a feeling it has to do with that.