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    AI CC 2014 slow


      The new AI CC 2014 is running okay but moving objects and saving files are slower than the previous version. I've turned off snapping, etc but it's acting "chunky" and not smooth and fast like before. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. I'm on an iMac running Mavericks 10.9.3. Please advise. Thanks!

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          Same exact issue but on a PC.

          Saves are taking way too long, moving anything on the timeline has a delay, copy and paste a clip has a massive delay, even scrubbing after not scrubbing for a while has a delay.


          If I go back to CC it works perfectly so I guess that is what I will do for now.


          **Edit** Also forgot to mention that 2014 was working fine this morning. These chop/slow issues started happening a few hours ago.....


          Win 8

          3930k (No overclock)

          32gbs ram

          Gtx Titan Black

          Corsair Geforce SSD x 4

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            Martha Slager

            I've installed CC 2014 on two machines and it's SLOW as ever. Even after many restarts and running several system maintenance operations.


            I have a feeling Adobe placed a spy in my mac or is collecting a whole lot of information