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    Interactive pdf not working


      I have InDesign CC 2014 and I'm a novice at this.  I read a lot and created a file that just turns the page.  I saved it as a SWF file and had it create an html.  The "use in document" was checked for the page curl.  When I opened the html or pdf file neither does the page curl.  The html file tells me to add Flash to my computer.  I have it there.  I tried to open the file on three different machines, two with Windows 8 and one with Windows 7.


      Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

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          Jeffrey_Smith Most Valuable Participant

          How are you opening the html file: with a browser or something else like a text editor? When you export, select "View swf after export", this will launch a browser and you should be able to see. You will need a flash plugin for your browser, check, but I can't imagine 3 computers not having it installed. Also, page curl works with swf only, not PDF. And, you have to hover cursor in corner of page to kinda grab and then turn.

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            shailstock Level 1

            I created the file in InDesign, exported it as a swf with the html option checked.  It automatically opened in Internet Explorer and it works there.  When I closed the html file and tried to open it again, I got a message that I needed to get Flash.  And the link takes me to the Flash download screen.  I didn't download it.  It's already on the machine.  I checked the Active-x to make sure it was active and that made the html file work.


            Thanks for your help.