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    html5 canvas button hyperlink




      I am using Flash CC to create a html5 canvas document.
      I am trying to create a rollover button that, when clicked, opens a webpage in a new tab.


      I have successfully created rollover buttons and made symbols (movie clips) into hyperlinks, however I cannot seem to make a button into a functional hyperlink.

      I have been using the code snippets (html5 canvas). For the last frame in the scene I have the following code:


      this.watch.addEventListener("click", fl_clicktogotowebpage_1);
      function fl_clicktogotowebpage_1 () {
           window.open("http:www.adobe.com", "blank");


      In this example, 'watch' is the name of the button instance.
      Unfortunately when I click on the button a webpage does not appear.

      I am able to recreate what I desire in flash, but not html5 canvas. Is there an extra step I am missing, or is this function not supported in html5?


      Any insight is greatly appreciated!