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    Reality Check: Flash CS3/AS3 Check Syntax

      I need a quick reality check. I've finally started playing around in CS3/AS3 on my Mac. Whenever I click "check syntax" I get a very limited error response: specifically, I get actual syntactical errors (e.g., a missing brace or paren), but I get NO COMPILER ERRORS (e.g., use of an undefined method or property). These compiler errors trigger at runtime, but not having them during authoring makes coding and debugging unnecessarily difficult.

      Is this really how it's supposed to work?

      In Flash8/AS2, we had compile-checking right in the AS file. If I attempted to access an undefined method or property, the error-checker would catch that right away. No time-consuming compile was necessary to catch these obvious errors (see example below). But AS3 doesn't seem to be as clever.

      Am I missing something?

      Thanks much!