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    Can not open a project anymore ("strange situation")




      I created a project via dynamic link from Premiere. All worked find. It includes about five or six compositions.

      Then I created a new project.

      Then I wanted to reopen a the old project, but I can't.

      There appeards dialogue box saying "strange situation 0/-9xxxxxxx  29 § 139".

      You cannot click it away. The project opens but, theres alway this box. I suspect an mistakely new created compostion via dynamic link that did not belong to the project and has an deleted footage source. Maybe something went wrong then.

      Is there a change to reopen the project at least to save my work?


      Where are the rendered files are saved for the linked clip in premiere?

      I feared that all is lost. Can I "render" the dynamic link clips in premiere so be save?


      Newest downloaded CC 2014 versions of premiere and AE.


      Regards Thomas