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    Illustrator changes 100% black image to 4 color seperation


      I have designed an image in Photoshop using 100% black. When I place the file into  Illustrator and sample my blacks, they have been changed to a 4 color separation. When I look at the pdf in Acrobat's output preview, it is a separation. It is not a display issue.  I can place that file into Indesign & it's like it was designed in Photoshop, 100% black. Can someone tell me how to get it to stay as it is suppose to be? I have tried the output black accurately in preferences among numerous other things. I have been using Indesign and Photoshop for about 3 years, but just recently began to design and edit with illustrator. I really like it but I need this problem resolved. I have many files now that I will have to go back and fix as I only noticed the problem today. Sure, it will print, but we prefer to only print our blacks on the black plate. Help!!!