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    How to apply an external .html file to a div in Edge?

    RavenDesign Level 1

      I have an html file "about.html" and I want to apply/attach  it to a div in edge but i dont know how to do it then i need to be able to change to the a new html file via a click in edge

      I believe i need to use .html or .append

      basically like this


      $('.content').load('pages/about.html', function(){



        var page = 'about';



        $('.Menu_Symbol div').click(function(){

        if($(this).data('content') != page) {

        page = $(this).data('content');

        setTimeout(function() {$('.content').animate({opacity: 0, marginTop: 100}, 300);}, 0);

        setTimeout(function() {

        $('.content').load('pages/' + page +'.html', function(){





      anyone any idea's?

      regards chris