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    Why can't I download Photoshop CC(2014) and why does my Creative cloud app show updates for CC(2014) products I do not have?

    Trophy92 Level 1

      Why can't I download Photoshop CC(2014) to my Mac Pro desktop running OSX 10.9.3.  My Creative Cloud app shows updates for all apps that I have as CS6 on my desktop but I have only subscribed to Photoshop CC.  Lightroom shows Install but it is installed.  Trying to Install Photoshop CC(2014) results in and error message "Installation failed Errors encountered during installation.(7) more information.


      More information gives Exit Code: 7

      Please see specific errors below for troubleshooting.  For Example, ERROR:

      - 0 fatal error)s), 0 error(s)


      I also cannot directly download from my account on the web.  This has been going on for a week or more and I have tried numerous suggestions on the forums but got nowhere.  I uninstalled Creative Cloud app today but could not find the installer again so I assume that was deleted.  I cannot download that now as on Adobe's site it says we are experiencing problems.  Aren't we all.


      I was happy with CC until last week but now cannot recommend it.


      I also have a Macbook Pro retina and Photoshop CC(2014) downloaded no problem on that.