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    Photoshop is trimming the transparency from the dimensions of my smartobject


      I am using a PSD, with lots of assets in different fixed sizes in it. Turned into smartobjects.

      Because the sizes are fixed, it is annoying that PS trimms the transparency out of the original smartobject as it exports to file.

      Perhaps it is welcomed to keep assets small, but in case of a needed consistant dimension, my workaround for this is putting a small dot with 1% transparency in the upperleft corner.



      one of my smartobject is 700x700 pixels. It includes an object 600x600 Pixel and a shadow reaching to 680x680 pixels. So the last 20 Pixels are fully transparent.

      I am leaving the smartobject, the transformation box is showing me a 700x700 Pixel box, but when i export it, via script "Layer to File" checkbox trim Layers  it exports the 680x680 size.

      if i uncheck trim Layers, it wexports the whole Komp, which is 2000x2000.  Can one disable the trimming to transparency, so that the original size of the smartobject is used?