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    How to float images and clear in indesign?

    jhoge123 Level 1

      I'm very curious how to do a simple float/clear layout in InDesign. I would like to float images to the right next to a subhead and clear the next subhead in case the image flows longer than the text.


      In HTML & CSS I would do it this way:





      .h2 { clear:right;}

      img {float:right;}



      <h2>Subhead 1</.h2>

      <img src="image1">



      <h2>Subhead 2</.h2>

      <img src="image2">


      <h2>Subhead 3</.h2>

      <img src="image3">




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          John Mensinger Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          InDesign works on a different model. It might be best to adjust your thinking away from "float/clear."


          In page layout, it is "Text Wrap." You apply text wrap to your image, and any text that would otherwise occupy the same space will flow around the image instead. In the Text Wrap panel, you can adjust offsets, (or perhaps it would be more accurate to think of them as 'stand-offs'  or 'padding'), to push the text away or draw it closer.