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    PsCC2014 extensions grayed out in menu

    Doug.S Level 3

      I installed PsCC2014 and the new 2014 extensions manager. I said OK to use extensions and scripts etc. from PsCC.


      Extension manager shows my extensions as installed OK. Scripts loaded OK and work. Extensions: none loaded and menu for selecting extensions is grayed out.


      If I try to load the most current extension .zxp file, Extension Manager will try to load OK but says the extensions are already loaded and will replace all versions with the new extension (including the extensions in PsCC x32 and x64)....which may not be good?


      So what is wrong and how do I fix it?

      Was auto installing presets from CC a mistake...and should I re-install PsCC2014? and say no to presets and again reload Ext Mgr?




      PS: PsCC and CS6 extensions, panels, and scripts all still working OK and I do not want to screw them up fixing PsCC2014.