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    action help to copy color in layer mask to another layer mask


      Hi all,


      Having trouble with this problem...


      I have layer 1 with a color mask set to black, red, blue etc.

      I have layer 2 with a color mask which i want to match and also become black, red, blue


      There are hundreds of files, and the color in layer 1 is always different.


      Manually i would simply click on the layer 2 mask which opens the color picker, and select the area of layer 1 i want to match.


      But doing that in an action does not work.


      I can't get the action to recognize that i want to copy the color content of a mask, and not the specific color used in the example during which the macro is recorded. The color picker does not seem capable of selecting a dynamic input (e.g. whatever color is on layer 1), it simply copies whatever was in layer 1 during recording like a dumb instrument.


      thanks for any input.