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      I'm using the below code to send data to trace the users clickpath:

      function moniforce(demo, movie, actie) {
      mfinfo = new LoadVars();
      // set Variables
      mfinfo.siteid = "8230";
      mfinfo.timestamp = new Date();
      mfinfo.page = "'category|group|name|"+demo+"|"+movie+"'";
      mfinfo.klikevent = actie;
      // define onLoad Callback
      mfinfo.onLoad = onLoadCallBack;
      // send and load variables
      mfinfo.sendAndLoad(" http://www.zjuul.net:80/moniforce/pix.gif", mfinfo, "GET");
      // onLoad Callback
      function onLoadCallBack(succes) {
      // if succes
      if (succes) {
      // trace variables
      } else {
      // loading failed
      trace("Loading Error!!");

      So far everything seems to be going fine, but now the serverside party requested me to put an .mfpage behind the mfinfo
      so I would think that would look soething like this:

      mfinfo = new LoadVars();
      // set Variables
      mfinfo.mfpage.siteid = "8230";

      But now when I trace that
      it returns 'undefined'

      This is the first time I'm actually using these loadVars and I can't figure out what is wrong :s

      On top of that I got the response that on Firefox the crossdomwin.xml doesn't work so any thoughts on that would be nice as well :)