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    Expanding text fields.....

    jramire1 Level 1

      Hello I'm a little stuck on this form.  I was able to get the text fields to expand, however they overlap over other text and does not move to another page. Please help I have tried just about everything including re-doing the form, and when I put the whole document on a flowed subform it loses the format.


      (PS I undid the expanding text fields on the form, just so I can understand what I was doing wrong with your help)



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          MinusZero Level 3



          It is a problem with Livecycle that when you have a flowed form everything moves to the left.


          The way i have solved it to have a flowed form but also formatting how i want is to build the form using multiple tables. Even though they can be a bit finicky to use, it does allow me to 'move' things where i want on the screen by resizing the columns and rows.


          If i need space, i also just add a blank table in between the textfields.


          One tip, make sure to give your rows unique names, i have had problems referencing rows when they are auto renamed, particularly when using the instance manager.