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    Probably an easy fix....

      hey there all,
      I have a movie clip that has a few layers and a button on one of the layers. on the button I have this code:

      Now, this mc is on the Main timeline and has an istance name "home_btn". I have a sliding menu type navagation going on and have some code for the "home_btn" on the main timeline:
      home_btn.onRelease = function(){

      WHen I try to use the code on the maintime line and the code on the button inside the mc--it ofcourse doesn't work.
      How can I reference the rollover/out actions on the inside of the mc from the main timeline?
      Or, is there an easy away around this?

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          dr_ross Level 1
          You could do a quick Hack and prefix your calls with _root. , this will target the main root timeline.

          But the best way would be to use a mix of this and _parent to relatively target the timeline or other instances you need, that way you can always put the movie inside anything else without issue.
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            hutch-diggens Level 1
            man, idk. For some reason I'm confused w/this...maybe it's because I've worked myself into a mental block(???)

            I tried to put all the code on the btn inside the movie clip and use _root on the on(release) function...no go.

            I also tried taking all the code off the btn inside the mc and giving the button an instance name "homebtn1" and adding this code to the main timeline:
            homebtn_mc.onRelease = function(){

            homebtn_mc.homebtn1.onRollOver = function(){

            homebtn_mc.homebtn1.onRollOut = function(){

            (I would rather have all the code in the main timeline---but I much rather have the button's work)

            any further suggestions would be deeply appreciated.
            thanks again,
            h (uggggggggggggggg)