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    div id menucontainer


      Website sort of fell into my lap, how fun.


      Anyway I'm having problems with a part of it I don't understand I removed all code pertaining to a menu but when I test it the menu pops up but with blanks instead of ending where it should end. Not sure where else to look as I've gone through the code numerous number of times, and it seems that the code goes from one CSS to a jscript to another CSS in a headache looking type of ordeal. I attached the image where as you can see has extra bar nothingness on the bottom. Here's a snippet of the code:


      <div id="MMMenuContainer0812192915_0">

              <div id="MMMenu0812192915_0" onmouseout="MM_menuStartTimeout(1000);" onmouseover="MM_menuResetTimeout();"> <a href="../telephone_service.html" id="MMMenu0812192915_0_Item_0" class="MMMIFVStyleMMMenu0812192915_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0812192915_0');"> Overview </a> <a href="../residential_plans.html" id="MMMenu0812192915_0_Item_1" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0812192915_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0812192915_0');"> Residential Plans </a> <a href="../business_plans.html" id="MMMenu0812192915_0_Item_2" class="MMMIVStyleMMMenu0812192915_0" onmouseover="MM_menuOverMenuItem('MMMenu0812192915_0');"> Business Plans </a> </div>