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    How Do I Change a Leading Number to a Letter Using GREP - InDesign

    Jacquie West Level 1

      Hello Folks - your worldly wisdom with GREP in InDesign would greatly help me with two huge catalogues Im producing. I have a catalogue which uses a four digit number as a product description (i.e. 1010 - Adjustable Door Carriage) and I need to produce its 'sister' version, which is exactly the same, however the product description changes to have the first number of the four digit sequence to be the equivalent letter of the alphabet (i.e. '1010 - Adjustable Door Carriage' should read 'A010 - Adjustable Door Carriage'). There are hundreds of items, and I don't want to manually have to do this - please tell me GREP can manage this type of change?


      Ive got as far as searching for the string of four numbers, but am getting stuck when changing the first digit only to a letter? I have attached examples of what the two catalogues will need to look like. Your time is greatly appreciated, as it will probably save me months of time!



      Jacquie from the West of Oz