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    Adobe Flash Player for Mozilla (ver.30) will not download


      While Mozilla's "Check your Plugins for updates" finds that Flash Player and Shock Wave Flash both need updating, and send me to Adobe to get the updates ( DOES depend on which link I click as to if I get the option to install McAfee* (not* or GoogleChrome* + GoogleToolbar (not* + Not*)**. Then I have an "Install Now" button to click, which will ask to save the file (saves as <install_flashplayer14x32ax_gtbd_chrd_dn_aaa_aih.exe> for the 'Google' options download)....(saves as <install_flashplayer14x32_mssd_aaa_aih.exe> for the "McAfee" options dnld).

      When I hit 'run', the Adobe Flash Player Installer window opens up ... (a smaller window, only to show progress I assume) and just sits there, blank... forever... doing nothing - until I am forced* to ctrl+alt+delete end the process (the Only way to stop it**)... and when I checked, the 'saved file' is gone as well.


        I WAS* able to finally upgrade my Adobe FP (for InternetExplorer* only) with a link that m_vargas was kind enough to send (after I posted to the wrong area/discussion), so I'm posting my Mozilla issue here (hoping This is the correct place to post the question).


        I am currently experimenting on another page trying to find the page, link, file name that has the 'McAfee' options... (but in the end, it does Exactly the same thing, & won't upgrade either). Surely, I am not the only one that is having this issue, but I see no other posts about a 'Mozilla' issue like this... so maybe I AM in the wrong area.


      ...ok... the "Google" link comes from using the IE Tab options or using IE itself to get to "http://get.adobe.com".... while the "McAfee" options link/page comes from using Mozilla to get to the "http://get.adobe.com" page.             BUT like I said..... NEITHER page/link result in getting FP upgraded.   

      AND*, doing the "clean install" resulted in ALL* of my saved versions of flash player getting wiped out ... GONE* ... from my computer.

      So, I am hoping someone knows m_vargas, or is as smart as they seem to be, and know of a 'Good' link for the MOZILLA FP upgrade (whether it's Flas* or ShockWave... I finally read somewhere that they are the same..*).