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    e4x result format from WebService

    artoix Level 1
      When initializing WebService operation I set result format as e4x. After that I load WSDL file and call remote function, it works ok. When I get response from remote source, the result is handled as an object with a single property that holds the whole xml as a single string, not as XML object.
      function onMenuResult(event:ResultEvent):void {
      var menu_xml:XML = new XML(event.result.data);
      (data - because in WSDL file result is specified as variable 'data').

      When I set result to Text area I can see the whole XML tree and it is correct. But, say, when I call menu_xml.children() it returns the whole xml tree. Returned XML is of such syntax:
      <section />
      <section />
      But call to event.result.data.section returns nothing.

      What is wrong? Why I do not see result as XML object and cannot use e4x methods with that?