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    Can't save image with Photoshop.


      We do often have a issue where we can not save the open image in Photoshop CS 6. To this day the problem appears when the image contains Adjustments Layers with Layer Masks.

      It does not matter if we try to save the image locally or on a network volume, we do only get a prompt telling us there is a Program Error. Trying to save as TIFF with layers instead of the preferred PSD format

      does not make any difference also.


      If we create a new image and copy all layers with masks and all the photoshop paths, this image can be saved and the original image can also be saved if we do a flattening prior to saving.


      I do believe this is a bug in photoshop and has nothing to do with corrupted images or other computer related issues. We are working with Macintosh and experience this problem in both Mac OS 10.8.5 and 10.9.3