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    Format Plugin: Writing a layered image




      I have been trying to implement a format a plugin for a format that supports multiple layers. The issue is that the layered format example from the PS CC SDK does not work with PS CS 5.1. When I try to save a file with layers I get a program error message. I also tried the CS5 SDK and the resource file does not know what "FormatLayerSupport" is, so it won't compile. How can I support layers while also supporting versions of PS before CC? Thanks.

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          I found my issue. I implemented formatWriteContinue and it got rid of my program error. I'm curious as to why I even need to implement this one as it is never referenced when writing the file - the layer functions take precedence. Anyhow, the reason why the layerformat example wasn't working is the photoshop file I was trying to save from is reporting the wrong number of planes for some reason. I tried a different file and it works perfectly.