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    Make visible a field when deleting a page in Livecycle

    phil74801 Level 1

      Hi everybody


      When I add a page, the footer of the last page is automatically deleted. It works perfectly. But I would like that the footer appears again on the last page when I delete the current page.


      Here is the code used  with the initialize event :


      for (var i = 0 ; i < xfa.resolveNode("ira._Page1").count; i++)


                if (i < xfa.resolveNode("ira._Page1").count - 1)


                          xfa.resolveNode("ira.Page1[" + i.toString() + "].Footer").presence = "hidden";




                          xfa.resolveNode("ira.Page1[" + i.toString() + "].Footer").presence = "visible";




      this one used with click event for adding a page :








      and at least for deleting a page






      Thanks for advance for your help.