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    Flash Builder 4.7 - Command line ExportReleaseBuild unable to compile to Captive Runtime?




      I am working on a project with the following setup:

      - AIR Desktop running with the ExtendedDesktop Profile with GPU rendermode

      - Apache Flex SDK 4.11

      - SWF version 18

      - Implements the FRESteamWorksNative Extension

      - Flash Builder 4.7 Premium is our work enviroment


      Our problem is that we can compile the project in Flash Builder manually as Captive Runtime, but when we run it with ExportReleaseBuild in our build.xml, it seems to forget our Captive runtime target and just outputs the installer.


      This is our buildscript:




      %FLASHBUILDER% --launcher.suppressErrors -noSplash -application org.eclipse.ant.core.antRunner -data "%WORKSPACE%" -file "%BUILDXML%" desktop



      <target name="desktop">

           <fb.exportReleaseBuild verbose="true" destdir="bin-test" project="ProjectName" basefilename="ProjectBaseFileName" packagetype="native" certificate="Certificate.p12" password="passwordToUse"/>





          <buildTarget buildTargetName="default" platformId="default">

            <airSettings airCertificatePath="Certificate.p12" airTimestamp="true" anePathSet="true" version="1">



                <anePathEntry path="steamworks/FRESteamWorks.ane"/>






                <Parameter name="-target" value="air-captive"/>

          <Parameter name="-extdir" value="steamworks/"/>



            <actionScriptSettings version="1"/>




      Any help with this is much appreciated, and if I missed something, please let me know.