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    Where can I go for information on planning a website?

    Norwich66 Level 1

      I've looked at various articles on website planning and design, but most of them are old, and I would prefer to have the views and knowledge of Dreamweaver users. I have dived into Dreamweaver CC 2014 and have got a basic idea of how to set page structure and CSS elements etc. But it's the bit before all that that I have neglected before now. How do people calculate measurements of page, margins, grids etc? Thanks in advance.

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          Maile Valentine Employee Moderator

          We do not currently have a tutorial on this topic, but it is an interesting topic for a potential tutorial (or series). The tricky part would be planning it since there are a wide variety of approaches people take when planning website design. I'll give this further thought as to how we might go about planning a tutorial or article for this topic. If you have additional ideas you'd like to see covered, feel free to let me know!