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    Lost most of my keywords after upgrading to LR 5.5. Any help?


      While i was working on LR i noticed that keywords attached to pics in a folder were suddenly absent. I randomly checked other folders and found that MOST keywords were now absent. The keyword list is intact, but images appear not to have any keyword attached, for about 90% of my library.

      The most important thing i have done recently is upgrade to LR5.5 today using the standard procedure of the installation package. I believe this is the cause, but i am not 100% sure.

      I do have backups of my Catalog, i backup after every use, so i believe there should be a way to retrieve those passwords, but i am a bit fearful of doing missteps that would compromise the recovery.

      Do i have to return to LR 5.4 before attempting to open previous catalogs that were created in LR 5.4 ? And how do i do that by the way now that i am on LR 5.5 ? etc.. etc...

      If somebody could provide me with some comprehensive guidelines/steps i would be extremely grateful.

      Thanks in advance for your help.