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    iPad edits & ratings gone




      I've previously used the iPad app to edit photos and have those edits successfully sync'd back to Lightroom desktop.


      However, I upgraded to Lightroom Desktop 5.5 & Lightroom iPad 110, sync'd three collections and made a load of edits and ratings.


      None of these edits or ratings have sync'd back to the desktop and ALL ratings made on the iPad have now disappeared entirely (the edits are still there).


      Please help - I've lost a lot of work





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          johnmw2014 Level 1

          It's getting worse!  In Lightroom desktop, I noticed "Lightroom Mobile Links - View on web", so I checked here to see if the edits or ratings were present online - they aren't.  Don't know if it's coincidence or not, but now all my edits are gone from my iPad - I even saw a crop I'd done disappear in front of my eyes!

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            That happened me with a move to 5.5 too. Not good.


            If it helps, I noticed on the desktop version that all the photos I had edited had a Lightroom Mobile snapshot that I could revert to in the snapshots area on the left hand side of the screen when in the Develop module.  That allowed me recover all my edits, but not my ratings (though Pick/Unpicked was ok, and I had used that as well as star ratings to pick my selection so I was ok).


            Looks like they released 5.5 too soon if you ask me.

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              Matt M Johnson Adobe Employee


              If it's possible to zip up your Lightroom catalog .lrcat, post it on dropbox or similar, and PM me the link, I might be able to figure out what is going on.