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    I have ADE on 4 devices and currently over 2000 books which I want on all of them. How do I sync everything so I don't spend my life manually doing this?


      I need help. I have ADE on 4 devices and currently over 2000 books. How do I sync all the devices so I don't spend all my time doing this manually. I have had ADE before, on my Palm, but it crashed and ADE didn't have a mobile app at the time, so I gave up on it.  I discovered that Amazon had removed books from my Kindle library because they were, they say, no longer available, but I bought them, they were mine and I consider their removal as theft. I decided to get a Kobo and discovered that it's primary format is ePUB, si I re-activated my Digital Editions. But, in order for me to keep using it and having my ebooks handy when I want to read them, no matter where I am or what device I have available, I need to be able to put things on one device and have them sync to all the others.  How do I do this? Does anyone know? All help and suggestions gratefully recieved.


      Many thanks.