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    creating csv file ready for data merge InDesign cc


      I'm not sure if this can be done or not but any help would be much appreciated.


      We have an annual catalogue of all our books each have a unique isbn. Our catalogue is grouped into sections by course books, exam materials etc. each book can have many levels thus giving them many isbn under one level. I can export all of our titles with isbns prices etc into a spread sheet and save as a csv file ready for the data merge into InDesign. However what I am trying to achieve is like the image attached. where all the isbns will be for 1 record at different levels and are able to be displayed as one record before the next record gets produced. As far as I can see I started off with the spread sheet of columns for each level however realised this would then become a problem when we can have over 10 different titles with multiple isbns under the same level. Hopefully my images will explain a little bit clearer!photo.JPGCapture.JPG