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    Question on Element Quick View

    Jon Fritz II Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      I'm playing around with the new features and have found something I thought was weird/unfinished. In Element Quick View, you can rearrange your html pretty easily by dragging and dropping the tags into other areas of the list and that moves a given element within the code. It seems pretty nifty for people who get a bit sloppy with Cut and Paste and/or aren't really all that familiar with code.


      This all seems to work well, except within tables.


      I can't move any table related tag within a table in the Element Quick View. I can understand not being able to move a <tr> or <td> out of a <table> which would cause some validation issues, but moving a <tr> within the <table> to re-order your rows seems like a no-brainer as far as usefulness goes. Moving a single <td> from the front of a <tr> to the end to rearrange the order of cells also seems like it would be a "given".


      Was there some reason moving table rows within the table or cells within the row is not possible within EQV or is that supposed to be possible and I need to take a look at my cache or prefs?