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    Restart required, menu problem just updated LR to 5.5


      I almost cannot use LR after update from 5.4 to 5.5. It gives me this error:


      "The error, "Restart Required. Lightroom has encountered a problem with its menus. Some menu commands will not work until Lightroom has been restarted" appears in Lightroom.


      This error can occur when you've been using Lightroom for a while without restarting, especially have been if you've been using many menus. One way that you can use many menus is if you have a large number of Develop presets and you have been right-clicking on your photos to perform menu items. "


      This problem was non existent in previous versions and I had them all from 5.0 to 5.4. I do have a large develop presets, but that was not a problem before. Also I am not working in the Develop module. I am in grid view and applying a preset from the Quick Develop drop-down menu.


      Any help would be appreciated.


      Thank you!