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    Manipulating overrided master page items


      Good day everyone!


      I've been trying to find an answer by myself, but no luck. As it seems, I've stuck in the workflow basics.


      Here's a screenshot:

      Скриншот 2014-06-27 17.45.32.png

      On the left: a master page with graphic and text frames (all styled with object style, if text frame, than also with paragraph style).

      On the right: Page with master applied. Filled with images (dragged from Bridge, section I & VII) and text. Sections II, III, IV are manually overridden and contain typed text, like name, agency, etc and have Auto-Size height option for Section III for times, when name contains three lines. Section V is a placed and linked word document with no formatting preserved. This text frame contains a Drop Cap in a paragraph style and here's a first problem I've faced: This text box overrides object style every time linked Word file is edited, it looses the Drop Cap, even thou I use Next style option in Object style, with two different Paragraph styles configured (first p-style contains Drop Cap, second, "Next style", doesn't). To return the Drop Cap, I have to select this frame and clear style overriding via alt+click. So, is it possible to keep Object (in this case a text frame) style preserved after linked Word file has been edited?


      Second problem and the currently the main: IF I move any master page item, resize it or any other transformation, it causes RANDOM movement of them on all 400 pages in my project.


      For example: If i select II,III,IV and move them up on master page, on the main page one of them moves completely left. Another one: If I try to resize (on master page) text frame V on  to make it smaller, it also moves to the left on main pages. My question is: how to keep an option to manipulate (resize) design elements on master page, so they don't jump randomly on main pages?

      FYI This is going to be 400 page photography album, so I'm looking for consistent workflow to start with.


      Please forgive me, if my explanation of a problem seems to you too complicated, but I've tried to describe it as easy as I could.