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    Drag and drop form builder

    Paevo Kelley Level 2

      Does anyone use a drag-and-drop form builder that they could recommend? I've looked at a couple such as Coffee Cup which looks pretty good but is a bit pricey.

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I've never needed one.  IMO, forms -- especially HTML5 forms -- are not that difficult to make.

          Making HTML5 Forms in DW CC (video)



          If you have built a few forms, it's usually just a matter of copying & pasting existing code into your new pages and adjusting a few field input names and script variables. 


          The last time I looked at Coffee Cup's Form Builder, it produced Flash forms *yuck*.  I don't know if it still does.



          Nancy O.

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            Tropical Soul Level 2

            Coffee cup is brilliant and worth every penny. Started using it when adobe dropped spry. No flash there at all Nancy that I know of. Easy to use, responsive and even easier to edit definitely worth the bucks. You don't need  any server side code either. So easy.

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              Paevo Kelley Level 2

              Yes, standard contact forms are easy, but more extensive forms can be tedious. Additionally, I've had issues with the Spry validation features in DW.


              My main gripe is that if I create forms in Joomla or Wordpress I know I can use a drag-and-drop extension that is both reliable and fast. If I have problems or want to further modify, then  I can dive into the code if I want to.


              If it is standard for these CMS, I don't understand why this can't become a standard feature in DW.