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    Backwards compatibility: RH11 vs. RH9? Need to go back and forth between RH9

    john@hedtke.com Level 1

      I'm contracting for a wonderful company that uses RH for generating online help files. My co-writer is using RH9. When I started, I got the latest Adobe TCS, so I've got RH11.


      We just discovered that there are compatibility issues: you can't do a "Save As Previous Version" and RH9 barfs on RH11 control files. The gents on chat support were very helpful, but they said there's no information on compatibility like this; nobody's tested it, they said. Darn.


      I've determined that I can check in HTML topic files into the RH9 version of the product and they'll compile okay (they're just HTML topics and we're not doing anything fancy). Has anyone tried this with other RH files, such as keywords? I'd like to get information on what changes I need to make--manually with an editor, if necessary--to achieve back-and-forth compatibility when handing off from my RH11 system to my co-writer's RH9. 

      (Just in case anyone wants to suggest it: No, we're not getting the latest version of TCS for her right now. It's $700 and it's not happening until late this year at best.)

      Many thanks!


      Yours truly,


      John Hedtke